Super Funky Hoodie

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  1. LilMissGG says:

    oh wow its been a while since anyone has said anything. . . has it already been solved?

  2. 123bridgey says:

    Im not sure…..

  3. snuggles56100 says:

    um I dont no

  4. elisabeth says:

    i really want to know what the recipe is, it looks so fab and stylish. it will match my peace puppy’s retro jeans

  5. it kinda looks like the sweater that is colorful just an idea. keep it cummin

  6. webkinz lover14 says:

    i know it!!!!

  7. plzzzz tellllll me

  8. where is snuggles i miss her so much.?

  9. check out my comment on denim jacket read and answer

  10. maddy says:

    webkinz lover14 what is it if you know? don’t tell if you dont and your just tring to impress

  11. WebkinzLover says:

    I think one of the items is a shirt that stopped selling. I forgot hat it’s called…
    Oh tie dye tank :3

  12. erin says:

    is it a pink hat + blue shurt + pink pants I think oh hai

  13. amy lee 33 says:

    do any of you know what the recipe is

  14. fluffernut says:

    i know how to get the groovy retro jeans it is cuffed jeans rainbow boots chalk flower top .

  15. happy smile says:

    can somebody tell me what it is caus I dono

  16. Bobo says:

    I think it includes the fall striped hoodie.

  17. maybe bobo.. brownielover where are you? go to or click my name